Wednesday, 17 April 2013


"We cannot run, dodge or duck from our responsibility. It is our responsibility to bring law and order. It is our duty to support good government or assist build a better government, and when necessary, rebuild our dear nation. Responsibility sometimes is not a burden, it is a blessing when we all play our roles diligently and sincerely. Good leadership is a problem Nigeria can overcome if we all become responsible and disciplined enough to make government succeed doing the right thing."

We do not need to create avenues for encouraging crime, terrorism and lawlessness in our society. Those who are wrong should be made to accept their blames and punishment. Government attention and actions should not focus on conflict resolution and management alone. There are other task demanding areas that require better attention of government too. So, we need to rebuild Nigeria, and the best time to do it better is now.

Government should should separate politics from the handling of serious security situations and put all relevant government agencies in best shape to successfully curb crime and terrorism in Nigeria. All discoveries, arrests and investigations on Boko Haram sects in the past and present should have provided to update the public with hope. You don't just keep quiet and arguing with people who are not targets and victims of the attacks. Come out with useful information and guidelines to deal better on the issue now. The various dialogue and discussions with the sect in-camera and off-camera are good for professional reviewed that can subjected all analysis to serious criticism and give room for diligence and due process. Dead people don't live in Nigeria. There are no ghost citizens in Nigeria. We are all human. Therefore, government should exercise control over affairs of governing Nigeria without allowing corruption and poor handling complicate problems.

We need proactive and holistic approach to handle terrorism. Terrorism is a worldwide problem and there is a need for us to worry when external terrorist organisations are connected in providing logistics, weapons and funds for local terrorist organisations in Nigeria. Right now, competent hands should be invited and allowed on the matter. Government must be focused to ensure that every human life is protected jealously irrespective of tribe and political interest. This government can achieve meaningful peace and progress in due course if law and order is respected, and competency given importance to allow better on all matters. Competency should not be based on anointing children of the same failed politicians and leaders to handle serious social problem.

Likewise, the federal government and state governments should be up-to-task to handle the responsibility of their offices. The security votes and others allotted in budgets to their offices is meant for them to take proper control of their areas. What have they been using these funds for that the results are not showing? All the public office holders were not elected by ghosts, and they are not governing over dead people. So, governments at all levels should start operating as governing the living. The terrorists in Nigeria are not invisible to the government who have been connecting and dealing all alone with them, even in 'proxy'.

It is not too late for government agencies and crises handlers to be proactive, competent and up to the task of delivering good results as expected. Everything cannot just be politics! We need government to organize transparent and proper dialogue with the sect as it has popularized to have done. Again, if there is no skeleton in anybody's cupboard, don't let us force amnesty on Boko Haram creating political propaganda where the ghosts will appear from nowhere with weapons and surrender. Likely, some of those they have arrested before will be among. And before we know it, more youths will become terrorists to gain attention and wealth given to terrorists by government.

Remember the case of UMAR FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB. What made him do what he did and how did he got to such level? We always need competent hands of any small and big social problem issue. We don't need to play politics with problems consuming human lives and violate public safety. We should stop deceiving ourselves that Nigerians are not the terrorists bombing in the north. We should be making efforts to check ourselves and stop blaming others for our own shortcomings.

What we need to ask the Boko Haram now is what exactly do they want? If they don't want amnesty, they must want something else. What is it?


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