Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Nigerian government should stop beating around the bush. Serious matters touching on the general welfare of all citizens and foreigners in our nation should be handled diligently and according to the rule of law. We must ensure orderliness by not failing to properly check crime, punish offenders and prevent re-occurrences. 

Just like corporate social responsibility, the solution is community partnership task. The government should stop seeing itself as reaching the doorsteps of everybody in the society because it operates in a manner that makes majority of the people see government in Nigeria as burden and problems. There is always complain against government. If they come around, they come with bills, fines, rules and enforcement with the force of exploitation. What they have to steal is not enough for them, it is sad that they must still steal our daily bread and call us idiots.

Government that complicate issues should not expect peace and progress as result. The interest of a single man does not make a government. Leadership is by demonstration, not by the 'authority of the office' or 'power conferred' upon status. We must stop that misorientation in Nigeria! Give proper orientation to all, not segregating your own families and friends to school, live and enjoy flamboyant life abroad. Provide good health for all, food for all, shelter for all, hope for all. That is why we are one nation!

Know that there is no magic solution to terrorism and crime in Nigeria than we ourselves taking it as one of the greatest tasks for each and every Nigerian. That is what we should be doing!! Not taking it as avenues to play dirty politics and fat from destruction of others. Note that the problems we are confronting today are the results from yesterday in Nigeria. So, why are we not allowing other Nigerians apart from politicians to be tested and get involved in real handling our problems. See how far and how long the government has gone without good results to show for it.

Pardon for criminals is not a solution to show for it. Bringing security from abroad when we have enough best hands in the various Nigerian forces is corruptible. Giving out all the contracts to foreign companies because of 'kick-backs' purposely to inflate budgets... corruption and all the dirty politics is not good! The situation is not good at all!!! Despite many Nigerians are unemployed, government contracting big capital income projects and working opportunities to foreign companies will continue to render many more of our existing businesses and able hands jobless and idle. It is not good to run everybody down because you are the one elected there today.

It is good if you respect other people's feelings. Politicians are not the solution to all our problems. Presidency is the leadership power house to address the problem. In a situation where good results are not forthcoming, then pure anti-cultists, relevant activists and law enforcers who have the knowledge, the experience, the past, the approach and understanding for handling terrorism problems should be given a chance to contribute in Nigeria. We don't need foreigners until we have exhausted our own experts. Get them involved... get them empowered! Certificates and connection is not a good criteria. The reality of ideas through its vision and impact is important for whom to be among the crisis management teams.

Security talks will compliment better when the right people are in charge of the situation. Acting right or wrong, or not acting at all, at any given point in term has an impact in crisis resolution and management. Give us a chance on this matter in Nigeria, after all, it is a voluntary one and not an appointment. Boko Haram are not spirits, they are not ghosts. They are human and whether holy or barbaric, let's give them the open air to discuss confidently with all Nigerians. This is not too much for the government to allow by standing out of the way and give all support for the best hands to work on further.


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